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Is This You?

Who Gilliam Consulting (GC) Works With

Gilliam Consulting works with their perfect customer - - individuals and community/organizational leaders who believe in something greater than themselves and are willing to stay on that unending journey of defining and re-defining their signature purpose.  If this is you, please continue reading.

What gift would you most like to give? Do you know what you want to bring into the world each day? Are you doing it? How do you make a difference? What legacy are you building? Do you feel disconnected from your passion and purpose? Are you the leader that you aspire to be? If you’re still reading, it is not mere chance that led you to this page.

Consider contacting us

When you yearn for…

  • access to an inner self
  • greater meaning in your life
  • an inclusive environment that respects individual gifts and talent

When you experience…

  • difficulty setting or achieving goals
  • group or role conflict
  • poor teamwork

When you’re considering…

  • bringing people and individual goals into alignment with the vision, mission and goals of the organization
  • undertaking an organizational change
  • evaluating the effectiveness of changes or programs

Click on How GC Works to get a look at what makes me unique, my goals, and my business philosophy.

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