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Programs and Public Offerings

If you are interested in leading change more effectively, enhancing leadership capabilities, teamwork, and productivity, Karen offers several programs/workshops that can help you and your team. Each program is designed to be informative, inspiring and engaging, and to provide proven tools and techniques that can be used by anyone.

Programs & Workshops

Applying Type, MBTI®.

  • Do you often find yourself speaking before giving thought to what you were going to say, and then wondering why you continue to do that?
  • Does the “big picture” excite you, but often lead to a feeling of being trapped by the details you overlooked?
  • Do you wonder why some people always seem to be rescuing others – even those who don’t want to be rescued?
  • Are you a person who would be glad to get everybody organized, if only they’d let you?

This self-report questionnaire and workshop (half-day, full-day, or two-days) enables participants to understand and better appreciate individual differences among people. Standard offerings can be customized for a variety of purposes to include improving communications, team effectiveness, and leadership and change management skills.

“It helped me to understand myself better and to be less judgmental of other people/leaders.” - BG

Change Management
is a process of aligning and enabling the workforce to achieve strategic and operational goals.

  • Have you assessed the readiness for change?
  • Have you built support for the required change?
  • Have you developed strategies and action plans to effectively manage the change?

Workshops, seminars and presentations are customized using a framework for managing complex change.

Developing an Inclusive Environment. Through personal storytelling, dialogue, experiential exercises, and reflection, diversity and inclusion workshops (half-day or full-day sessions) are designed with the intent of

  • raising awareness,
  • acquiring knowledge,
  • developing cross-cultural skills, and
  • action planning.

“The course makes you think about things that you may have never thought about before. The materials were good and the discussions were enlightening.”
- CJ

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Enhancing Employee Development. Creating the story, nurturing the story, and celebrating the story frame the design for Corporate Universities, Mentoring and Rewards and Recognition programs that provide opportunities for individual growth, success, and acknowledgement. These large-scale change initiatives are long-term investments in employee development.

Management & Leadership Development Curriculums. Programs are developed based on client-identified competencies and/or skill gaps and focus on collaborative meaning-making. There are two distinct offerings.

1) Using Kouzes’ & Posner’s Five Best Practices, this development program focuses on the adult learner, incorporating action-learning, reflection, and an optional 360° feedback process using LPIonline.

2) A leader’s ability to craft a story is not Storytelling Leadership. Through stories, leaders inspire, provoke, stir, excite, motivate and engage others in ways meant to influence thinking and behavior. But to believe the message, you must believe the messenger. This workshop examines (and provides reflective exercises on) the four qualities – voice, knowledge, multiple intelligences, experience - of the storytelling leader.

New Manager Transition. The overall purpose of transition planning is to establish effective work relationships by identifying desired results, clarifying roles, and assessing needs. There are various options to consider, depending upon the context. For example,

  • Was the outgoing manager well-liked?
  • Did (or will) the outgoing manager remain in the organization?
  • Has the transition already taken place?

The basic process for managing a transition between a new manager and his/her direct reports or staff include: planning, assessment, data feedback, transition meeting, and follow-up.

“As a manager and new employee, this process was invaluable. In a non-threatening way, my staff was able to ask the questions that were important to them.” – M.M.

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Offsite/Retreat Planning & Meeting Facilitation. Done well, an offsite or retreat can be time well spent, reaping benefits long after the participants return to their workplace. Done poorly, they, along with in-house meetings, can be a terrible waste of time, money, energy and creativity. Making the most of this invaluable time requires planning and effective facilitation.

Having the right process is equally important to having the right people, agenda and planning. Because it is challenging to wear both hats, that of a participant and a facilitator, we find that clients like to use an independent, neutral or 3rd party facilitator who can keep the agenda on track and ensure that all voices are heard, that the significant stories are shared, and that the questions that matter are explored.

  • Reaching clear agreement on expectations
  • Ensuring that the right people are there
  • Interviewing participants prior to the event or meeting
  • Developing the agenda and format for action planning

Team Development. Teams are both business entities and social groups, composed of members with diverse attitudes, values and backgrounds. Because of this diversity, learning to work together requires time, patience, and effort. Questions covered in team building workshops include:

  • What’s binding (goals) the group together? What’s the best way (roles and responsibilities) to do this to reach the team’s goals?
  • What’s the best way (norms and procedures) to handle communication, decision-making, and coordination?
  • What’s the best way to celebrate (milestones & accomplishments)?

Public Offerings & Events:

A public workshop is not currently scheduled. Please contact me to learn how to request a workshop.

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