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How Gilliam Consulting (GC) Works

One of my most cherished quotes is, “The meaning of my existence is that life has a question for me.” I believe that we each have a unique purpose in life that no one else can perform. Just as a key holds control access to the owner’s home, car or something else of material importance, an individual possesses the access to an inner self, a spiritual place where a set of answers to crucial questions on living, loving, learning, and leaving a legacy are found.
Karen Gilliam
Karen Gilliam

What makes me unique?

My approach to working with you is a personalized process that respects and encourages the development of individual gifts and talents. Self-identity, redefinition and personal vision that align with one’s professional life are foundational aspects of each engagement.

What are my goals?

My sole purpose is in helping individuals develop a sense of self and signature purpose so they may enable others to do the same on their learning and leadership journeys while making a positive difference in their organizations/communities.

What is it like to work with me?

For me, every engagement is a partnership where relationships are based on open/honest communication, willingness to raise issues that impede progress, and offering more than one option that meets the client’s needs. The consulting process includes initial introduction, exploration of the issue, a memo of agreement, collection of information, planning, implementation of agreed upon actions, evaluation and review of accomplishments.

Though my background is diverse and I enjoy taking on new challenges, I won’t hesitate to turn down assignments that are not mutually beneficial partnerships. If that happens, perhaps I can suggest other organization development practitioners/consultants to you.

On the business side, you can depend on me to provide results-oriented, quality-focused and timely service solutions for changing business environments. I am grateful for my over twenty years of experience in for profit and non-profit business environments in areas of training, human resources, organization development, and diversity and inclusion.

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