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Book Summary

Inner light, soul’s code, spark of the divine, true self. Whatever words may strike a chord and speak to your heart, the journey on finding, trusting, and using your voice is inside-out work of a lifetime. Finding your voice is not the destination; it is a manner of traveling as told through the story lens of my journey.

Sankofa. Use the thought-provoking questions to revisit and re-claim your past; to reflect and reminisce on the present. Explore what it means to be faithful to your true nature. Find and use your voice in a world that needs it; for no one else can dance your dance, sing your song or write your story.

  Finding Your Voice

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Otherwise, go to http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781613798409

The following is an excerpt from the chapter entitled “ON LEARNING: What do you fear?"

“ … One evening, a small group of maybe eight individuals had gathered for friendly banter after a long and intense day, when one of the more senior participants used his positional power to take over the conversation for purposes of telling a joke.  It is only important, for contextual reasons, to note that I was the only Black female in the group.  As if being called to attention by the master sergeant, when this powerful figure interrupted the conversation, everyone’s voice fell silent.  His storytelling seemed harmless until what I heard next sent shockwaves to my system.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Derogatory and dehumanizing, the ‘N’ word spewed out of his mouth.  It was hurtful.  I sat stunned in disbelief and embarrassment.  How dare he use that word in my presence?  What was he thinking?  Am I of such little consequence?  How could he?  As my body started to feel warm and my heart to beat faster, I felt the danger.  I didn’t need a mirror to know that my ears were probably beet red.  I was angry.  Every offensive word I’d ever learned was swimming around in my head as I mentally reached the busy intersection of Stop, Go or Proceed with Caution. …”


What Will I Answer?

Life has given me questions that only I can answer.

What difference will I have made by being here?
Will my voice be that of optimism and cheer?  

Will I take what I’ve learned and pass it on to the next?
Will my zest for living and loving never be at rest?

Will my voice speak for the voiceless, the powerless, the few?
Will I have been a role model and shown how-to?

Life has given me questions that only I can answer.

Will I exercise my voice for truth and reason?
Will I become more of who I am with each succeeding season?

Will I have carried as I climbed?
Will my tithe be in treasure or perhaps in time?

Will my voice respect the inner teacher?
Will beautifully sung songs be one of its features?

Will I have fought a good and just fight?
Will I be the answer that comes to light?

Life has given me questions that only I can answer.
What will I answer?
written by Karen Lynn Marshall Gilliam

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